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How Opiates Affect a Person’s Life

Opiates are highly addictive and extremely powerful painkillers that can take hold of a person and consume their life. Opiates affect a person both mentally and physically causing numerous health problems to occur, such as chemical imbalances in one’s brain, respiratory issues, and cardiovascular problems.

Moreover, a person abusing opiates has the chance of an overdose which can lead them to death or for a person to end up in a coma. Opiate addiction tends to lead people down paths that they would otherwise avoid if they were not addicted to a drug, such as the mistreatment of loved ones and committing criminal acts, such as stealing. In addition, many people that have an opiate addiction lose their job or blow all of their money on the drug instead of paying their bills.

Opiate addiction can be such a powerful dictator in a person’s life that they literally will spend the majority of their day getting high or finding a way to get high.

Because of the intensity of an opiate addiction there are a multitude of opiate rehabs available for people to go to so that they can detox from the drug and regain control of their lives.

Free Opiate Rehab

opiate rehab

Free rehab programs can help you stop using opiates!

Free opiate rehabs will not have all of the luxurious that costly opiate rehabs have but they do have the resources and the staff to help a person detox from the drug. At a free opiate rehab an addict can expect to receive a psychiatric evaluation and a doctor to supervise them during their detox, but the psychiatrist and the doctor will also be attending to numerous other patients.

At a free opiate rehab a person will usually only stay for a short period of time, typically no longer than a week and then they will be out in the world again. A free opiate rehab will help a person detox from opiates and provide them with support group information and education on strategies to stay clean, but it is ultimately up to the person leaving the rehab to have the willpower to stay away from opiates once they are on their own.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are a range of treatments that are effective for people struggling with drug addiction; some of these treatments include behavioral therapies and medication which will help people to return to stable and productive lives.

At a free opiate rehab a patient will typically only receive the minimal amount of help needed for them to come clean, but after they leave they will be drug free and have the option of seeking out other treatments to help them continue to live a drug free life.

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