How Can My Friends Support Me During Opiate Addiction Treatment?

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Friends are just as important as family members when it comes to recovery support during one of the most difficult times for many individuals. While it is often discussed how family members can be helpful to those in treatment, there are ways friends can help as well, even in the earliest stages.

Finding a Treatment Facility

Unfortunately, many individuals do not have close family members who can help them find the treatment option they need. Perhaps their relatives chose not to be in their lives after they began using drugs, or like in many cases, the family members themselves may also be drug users and unable or unwilling to help the individual look for treatment. This is when close friends can be extremely beneficial early on in treatment, especially when the individual is still looking for a program to attend.

Visiting the Facility

Friends Support

Your close friends may be able to visit you while in inpatient care.

Many inpatient treatment programs for opioid addiction allow family members to visit, and some will also allow close friends of patients to visit. If you have decided you require inpatient care but still want to make sure you can see your friends during your stay, it is important to look for a program near you and to ask if this option is available.

Helping While at Home

If you decide to attend an outpatient program, there are many ways your friends can help you while you are in treatment. For one, someone may need to stay with you, especially while you are going through withdrawal. According to the National Library of Medicine, depression is a serious complication associated with opioid withdrawal, and you will absolutely need to make sure that someone is protecting you and watching for any danger signs during this vulnerable time.

Do You Need Opiate Addiction Treatment?

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5 Ways Your Friends and Family can Help You Recover from Opiate Addiction

Allowing your friends and family to help out with your situation is the first step to getting well. It’s always good to have your friends involved because this will also help them to gain a better understanding as to the type of support that you need the most during recovery. Ask a friend or family member for help today and call our helpline for immediate placement into a treatment program that will help you overcome the burden of opiate addiction.

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