How Will Opiate Addiction Rehab Make Me Want to Stay Drug-Free?

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Anyone who’s abused opiates for any length of time well knows how a casual, recreational indulgence can spin out of control without a person’s even realizing it. Over time, the effects of opiate abuse evolve into a full-blown opiate addiction driven by compulsive drug-using behaviors that have taken on a life of their own.

While it may seem like you can quit using whenever you want, for some reason it just doesn’t turn out that way when an attempt is made. In essence, opiate addiction hijacks a person’s thinking, emotions and behavior creating a mindset that’s designed to protect and promote continued drug use at all costs. Opiate addiction rehab equips you with the tools to see addiction for what it is and develop the types of strategies needed to live a drug-free lifestyle.

From Opiate Abuse to Opiate Addiction

Opiate Addiction Rehab

Group therapy is an effective treatment method used in rehab.

In addition to their fast pain-relieving properties, opiates produce certain unintended side effects, such as euphoria and feelings of contentment that get the opiate abuse ball rolling. When taken as prescribed, these side effects take a backseat to the intended purpose of the drug; however, exceeding prescription guidelines in any way opens the door for the drug’s side effects to exert more influence than intended.

According to the University of Rhode Island, the path from opiate abuse to opiate addiction starts out with physical dependence as the brain’s tolerance levels for the drug increase while its chemical system grows more dependent on opiate effects to function. Before long, physical dependence evolves into psychological dependence at which point a person no longer believes he or she can cope with daily life without the drug.

This belief system or mindset drives compulsive drug-using behaviors, drug cravings and the ongoing denial that leads a person to believe he or she can stop using at any time.

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Opiate Addiction Rehab Effects

Breaking the Physical Dependency

The first essential step in overcoming opiate addiction entails breaking the brain and body’s physical dependence on the drug’s effects. Stopping drug use essentially short-circuits the brain’s chemical system bringing on a range of uncomfortable withdrawal effects. Opiate addiction rehab treatment offers the level of physical and emotional support needed to help you make it past this crucial stage in recovery.

Breaking the Psychological Dependency

Breaking the mind’s psychological dependency on opiate effects lies at the heart of the addiction recovery process. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, opiate addiction rehab programs use a range of treatment interventions to accomplish this end:

  • Intensive psychotherapy
  • Drug education
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Support group work
  • Group therapies

What’s the Best Opiate Rehab for Me?

In effect, these interventions enable you to work through the underlying emotional issues that fuel compulsive drug-using behaviors and develop the type of mindset that doesn’t need drugs to live a full and happy life.


When all is said and done, staying drug-free has more to do with the way your mind thinks than the drug’s ability to make you feel whole. Without needed opiate addiction rehab help, the addiction mindset only grows stronger as the drug’s effects continue to exert increasing control over the brain’s chemical system.

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