Long Term Opiate Rehab: What is it?

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Opiate addiction is a rising epidemic that impacts the lives of millions of Americans every year. The euphoric effects that opiates produce causes many people who try them to form addictions to the drug, which tend to slowly destroy a person’s life. Opiate addiction affects a person’s judgment while causing them harm to their body and mentality.

According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, individuals who abuse opiates are extremely likely to experience negative consequences from their abuse of opiates. People who are dependent on opiates and cannot stop their habit tend to, experience problems at school or work as well as tend to get sick, injured or arrested due to their abuse of the drug.

Because of the intensity and strong-hold opiate addiction has on a person; when a person decides to stop using they will most likely need assistance from an opiate rehab. People who have been using opiates for long periods of time or that have developed a strong dependency to the drug may need assistance from a long term opiate rehab.

A long term opiate rehab usually requires an individual to stay in their program for a time period of six months up to a year. This time period is longer than a typical rehab program, which usually only last up to a few months.

What are the Benefits of Long Term Opiate Rehab?

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Long-term rehab will be for 6 months or more, and will help you better adjust to a drug-free life.

The main benefit of opiate rehab is the length of time and therapy a person will receive from the rehab in order to help them conquer their addiction. Opiate addiction is a disease that takes time to cure. Although the physical withdrawal symptoms may only last for a short period of time, a person will have to learn to control their urges to use again and will have to get help for their psychological withdrawals symptoms that can last for months and even up to years after a person has stopped using.

Furthermore, long term opiate rehab will have the time to really get to know a person which will help build a trust between the addict and their caregivers. This enables a person to receive stronger support and helps the professionals at the rehab learn the best methods at treating each individual while they are in the program, as well as teach them methods to continue to live a drug free life even after they leave the program.

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