How Does Opiate Rehab Work?

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There is no one way that opiate rehab works; being that every addict has their own strategy that will help them to continue to live a drug free life. Opiate rehab will help a person detox from opiates, which is greatly needed for many addicts, and will help a person learn ways in which they can continue to stay sober.

The majority of opiate rehabs first focus on helping a person get through the physical withdrawals of their detox. The physical withdrawals of opiates, according to the National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, include nausea, excessive vomiting, stomach cramps, uncontrollable shaking, excessive sweating, fatigue and diarrhea.

The physical withdrawal symptoms of an opiate detox can be a bit painful and a rehab will provide a person with medical assistance and supervision during their detox to help them with the pain and to help them get through the process successfully.

After the physical symptoms are over a person will then have to deal with the psychological symptoms which typically include insomnia, anxiety, agitation and mood swings. These symptoms usually are cured through extensive therapy and take time to heal.

Opiate Rehab Options

stop opiate use

Opiate addiction treatment centers, or rehabs, will help you stop using opiates!

In order for a person to receive the fullest amount of benefits from their opiate rehab, they should make sure to go to a rehab that they feel comfortable with and that will help them without causing more stress to occur in their life.

A person has several options to consider before choosing a rehab to go to. First they should decide if they wish to go to an inpatient rehab or an outpatient rehab. At an inpatient rehab the person will live at the facility and take part in day to day activities that is part of the rehab’s schedule. However, at an outpatient rehab a person will be able to keep their own daily schedule, such as work, and still receive opiate addiction treatment on their own time.

A person also needs to consider the cost of rehab. If they cannot afford rehab then they should attempt to find a rehab that is free of charge or one that uses a sliding scale, which will only charge them what they can afford based on their income.

Furthermore, another option a person needs to consider is if they want to attend a rehab that is religious based, or a rehab that is gender based, or maybe they would like a rehab that uses animals as therapeutic tools such as equine therapy, which uses horses.

Opiate rehab can significantly help a person overcome their addiction but a person should make sure they find a rehab that they like so that they can feel relaxed in their environment while they are learning to regain control of their life.

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