Is Dilaudid Stronger than OxyContin?

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In general, Dilaudid is considered to be a stronger drug than OxyContin. This is why it is important to understand the differences between both drugs, especially if you are being switched from one to the other.

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What Are Dilaudid and OxyContin?

Dilaudid Stronger

Using Dilaudid or OxyContin long-term will lead to dependence.

Dilaudid is a brand name drug that contains the opioid medication hydromorphone. According to the National Library of Medicine, Dilaudid is the immediate release version of the drug, which is used to treat pain. It can be very effective for this purpose, but also, it has a strong potential for abuse and can be dangerous when misused. For this reason, Dilaudid and all other hydromorphone-containing products are labeled as Schedule II drugs by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

OxyContin, on the other hand, contains oxycodone, another type of generic opioid drug. Oxycodone and the medications containing it are also Schedule II, and the drug is used to treat “moderate to severe pain” (NLM). People who take the medication in the long-term can become dependent, and those who abuse it can become addicted very quickly.

Dilaudid vs. OxyContin: Which Is Stronger (And Why)?

Dilaudid is actually considered to be a stronger drug, even though both hydromorphone and oxycodone-based medications are listed as Schedule II substances and both medications are meant to be taken around every 4 to 6 hours. This is because Dilaudid is sometimes used to treat issues like broken bones or to help patients recuperate after surgery, and OxyContin is usually not utilized for these issues.

Both types of the drug have extended-release counterparts, Exalgo for Dilaudid and Xtampza ER for OxyContin, respectively. However, Dilaudid is sometimes taken in situations where an extended-release medication may be useful.

Dilaudid vs. Oxycodone: Which One Is More Addictive?

Switching from One to the Other

You must NEVER begin taking one drug or the other without a doctor’s prescription. Some individuals do need to be switched from one medication to the other, but this must be done under a doctor’s care, especially because the two drugs do not perfectly match up in the intensity of their effects.

Finding the right dosage is extremely important. If, for example, you are switching from Dilaudid to OxyContin, you may need a higher dose of the latter than what you were used to with the former. Consequentially, switching to Dilaudid may require a lower dose. Still, one must never attempt to change their dosage or medication type without a doctor’s approval, as opioids can cause intense side effects when changed or misused, and patients and doctors must work together vigilantly to avoid any possibility of misuse.

Dilaudid Addiction Help

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