How to Help a Loved One Overcome Opiate Addiction When They Don’t Want Help

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When you love an opiate addict, it’s hard. You want the best for them, but the drugs have made them hard to deal with. They lie. They cheat. And they manipulate. And no matter what you try to do, they just don’t seem to want help.

But don’t give up. There is hope.

Denial Is Present

When someone is in the throes of opiate addiction, they don’t always see it the same way outsiders do. Coming to understand that you’re addicted to opiates is hard, and many people struggle against it. Being in denial makes it harder for people to understand the negative consequences of their decisions, and you have to show them without being hurtful, degrading, or judgmental.

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Host an Intervention

Overcome Opiate Addiction

Your loved one is likely in denial that their opiate use is problematic.

When you decide to talk to your loved one about his or her addiction, do it through an intervention. Join forces with other close family members and friends, and confront the opiate addict in your life.

Before you sit down for your intervention, you must have a plan. An intervention is not something you want to leave to chance. Role play before hand or even make note cards to keep you on track of what you want to talk about.

Here are some hints when it comes to having a successful intervention.

  • Be direct
  • Speak from the heart
  • Don’t judge
  • Don’t be critical
  • Keep it positive
  • Express your concern
  • Be supportive

Confront the Consequences

Remember you want to get your loved one to see the consequences of his or her addiction, not get so angry they storm out of the room. To accomplish this, you have to directly show them what addiction has done to them, you, and everyone else they know and love. Give specific examples of how you’ve been impacted by their opiate addiction, and have others show how they’ve been effected.

Prearrange Plans

Once you’ve detailed the problem, have a solution. Before the intervention takes place, have opiate addiction treatment already prearranged. Know your loved one’s insurance, know what treatment center has a bed open, and know when they can leave. Explain that you’re there for support, no matter what, and say exactly what you will do to help the opiate addict. Have each person do this, even if it’s as simple as babysitting so the person can get to outpatient treatment or NA meetings.

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Take Care of You

Regardless of what the opiate addicted love one does, you must remember that you can’t control their decisions, you can only control what you do and how you react. Therefore, it’s essential that you take care of you. It’s too easy to let someone else’s addiction run havoc on your own life and let it become unmanageable. If you need help managing yourself due to your loved one’s addiction, consider going to Al-Anon meetings. These 12-step meetings are designed for family and friends of addicts, and give these individuals the support and understanding that is hard to find.

Is Opiate Addiction a Problem in Your Life?

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