Heroin Street Names

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All illicit drugs have a set of terminology or lingo that is used openly on the streets to describe them or to describe the use of them. Heroin street names are nothing new, the DEA and other enforcement agencies are well aware that this drug, like any other illicit drug, is being described on the streets as anything but “heroin.” Understanding the various terms that can be used to openly discuss heroin on the streets will help you to be more aware of the conversations that are taking place around you.

Some of the most common street names for heroin include:

  • Smack
  • Murder 1
  • Dope
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • Junk
  • Brownstone
  • Brown Sugar
  • Gear
heroin names

Doing heroin is sometimes called chasing the dragon.

These are just a sample of the many different heroin street names that have been heard by the DEA. Additional street names that can be used to openly describe heroin, it’s use or it’s color or texture include:

  • Caballo
  • Chiva
  • Number 8
  • Letter 8
  • H or Big H
  • Tar or Black Tar
  • Brownies
  • Horse
  • Skag
  • China White
  • Brown Tape
  • Brown Rhine
  • Black Stuff
  • Black Eagle
  • White Lady
  • White Boy
  • Dragon
  • Woola
  • Woolie
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • H Bomb
  • Chiba
  • Mud
  • Scat
  • Skunk

So many different names can even be used to describe heroin when it is being used with other drugs. For example, when heroin is found in ecstasy, the pills may be referred to as “dirty” or as “chocolate chip cookies.” When the drug is used with marijuana, it may be called an “atom bomb” or “woo-woo”

The following slang are heroin street names that are used to described the method of heroin use or the act of using:

  • Chasing the dragon
  • Dip and dab
  • Dibble and dabble
  • Chasing the paper
  • Channel swimmer
  • Go get wings

Don’t be fooled, be informed and know what your children, teens or other adults for that matter are discussing right around you!

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