Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment

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Taking prescribed medication like hydrocodone is an acceptable method to manage pain; however, developing an addiction to it is dangerous. If you or someone you care about has become addicted to hydrocodone, seeking professional assistance for hydrocodone addiction treatment is necessary. Getting help is the first step to safely stop the addiction.

Even when taken as prescribed, the body can develop a tolerance to it, especially in long-term use. This can lead into abusing the medication by taking higher doses then recommended, and it can create an addiction.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the risks for addiction increase when a person takes additional doses of prescription medication or used in ways other than prescribed.

Warning Signs To Tell if Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment is Necessary

hydrocodone abuse

Treatment for hydrocodone addiction usually involves a combination of medicine and therapy.

Other ways that you or someone you care about may be abusing the use of hydrocodone, besides taking additional doses include:

  • Crushing it and snorting it
  • Stealing someone else’s prescription
  • Using it along with other harmful substances such as alcohol
  • Taking hydrocodone to get high

According to the U.S National Library of Medicine, taking prescription drugs in ways like those mentioned above is drug abuse, and it can lead to addiction. Unfortunately, some people may not understand the risks.

Signs of Hydrocodone Addiction

If you or someone you care about is indeed abusing hydrocodone like mentioned above, there may be an addiction. Hydrocodone addiction treatment should be considered as soon as possible. Here are some signs to tell if you or your loved one is addicted to hydrocodone:

  • Constantly thinking of taking hydrocodone
  • Not able to stop even though you are aware of the addictive behavior
  • No longer interested in activities with friends or family
  • Ignoring others when they bring up the topic of addiction
  • Experiencing physical or emotional symptoms when not able to take it

You or the person you care about should not wait long to seek help. There are treatment options available for addicts that are safe when supervised under the care of professionals.

What Options Are There for Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment?

Options to treat an addiction to hydrocodone can include medication-assisted treatment or drug rehab. Speaking to a professional will help you decide which option will work best for you or your loved one.

Medication-assisted option for hydrocodone addiction treatment:

This option includes the use of a prescribed medication to help counteract the bothersome effects of withdrawal from hydrocodone. In many cases, methadone is used to control the painful symptoms and cravings. Depending on the severity of the addiction, treatment can take place in a hospital-like residential treatment center. This method can be effective especially when combined with counseling and therapy. In many cases, undergoing a methadone maintenance treatment can allow you to still go to work or participate in other regular routines.

Drug-rehab option for hydrocodone addiction treatment:

Drug-rehab can be an alternative for those that have no interest in a medication-assisted program like methadone maintenance treatment. In drug-rehab, you can expect a combination of counseling, medical intervention, careful monitoring, and peer support. Depending if it is an outpatient or inpatient program, many times this method will require to be away from a job, and other regular activities.

Regardless of which hydrocodone addiction treatment method you to choose, it is important to stick to it and not give up. Admitting help is needed to overcome an addiction is hard, but it is an important step to take. Seeking professional assistance will guide you to becoming healthier, and happier.

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