Is there a Street Name for Vicodin?

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There are many street names for the popular painkiller Vicodin. Drug dealers, addicts, teenagers, buyers, and sellers all use street names for Vicodin to identify the drug. These names act as a kind of code to fool police, parents, teachers, and other people likely to disapprove of drug use activities.

Users often coin street names to come up with new and different ways of asking for a drug. Most street names sound like or are derived from the brand name. Like all drugs, Vicodin comes in generic and name brand. Each generic has its own street names. It is important to recognize each of the street names for name brand Vicodin, its generics, its cousins, and the names of its international counterparts in order to understand drug activity that might be happening close to you.

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The Street Name for Vicodin

vicodin abuse

Vicodin is referred to by a number of different names when it is bought and sold illegally.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Vicodin is one of the most commonly abused drugs. Therefore, it is one of the most sought after by both users and dealers. Users and dealers usually refer to Vicodin by a derivative of its brand name. This is a quick code for everyone to understand. Some of the street names for brand name Vicodin are:

  • Street names derived from the name Vicodin
    • Vic – a shortening of the name Vicodin
    • Vicos – a shorting of Vicodins or multiple Vicodin
    • Vikes
    • Vikings
    • Vees
    • V-Itamin
    • Vicogesic
    • Vitamin V
  • Magnums (for 5mg)
  • 357s – because of the M357 imprint on the tablet
  • M357s – because of the M357 imprint
  • Around the worlds – because of the 360 imprint on the tablet
  • Fluff – because of the feeling it gives you
  • Scratch – thought to be because the allergic reaction causes scratching
  • In addition to these street names, Vicodin has several brand names from different manufacturers some with their own street names. A few of these are:
  • Lorcet and Lortab – Lorries, Tabs
  • Hycet – SetHi
  • Maxidone – Maxi or Maxine
  • Norco – Watsons because of the Watson 913 imprint
  • Xodol – XO
  • Damason
  • Dolacet
  • Vendone – Ven

There are many other street names that vary by region and cultural demographic. The more frequent use of generics in pain management gave rise to generic street names along with the brand name ones.

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Vicodin Generics and their Street Names

A generic is a drug that is the same as a name brand drug but has a different name or manufacturer. Companies produce generics after the name brand patent expires at a lower cost than the original. The most common generic name for Vicodin is hydrocodone / acetaminophen. The generic has a few street names of its own. These are:

  • Hydro,
  • Hydros,
  • Cets,
  • Dillies,
  • HA,
  • Tussin,
  • Vitamin H, and
  • Watson387
  • 387s

These are just a few of the street names for hydrocodone / acetaminophen. There are far more nicknames and street names for hydrocodone mixes. Each mix although made with a different substance for a different purpose is classified the same as Vicodin. These are sometimes referred to as cousins of the drug.

Vicodin Cousins

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, Vicodin is part of a class of drugs that are hydrocodone combinations. Vicodin is often mixed in with other drugs such as acetaminophen, aspirin, and a variety of cough medicines. The names for the cousins of Vicodin include Percocet, Percodan, Darvon, Darvocet, Vicoprofen, and many others. These are not actually true Vicodin. Some are stronger and more addictive while others are less so. Some also are different mixes of hydrocodone and other painkillers. Many people including users mistake these drugs for Vicodin.

International Forms of Vicodin

Like most pharmaceuticals, international companies manufacture and sell their version of Vicodin. Although it is impossible to know all of the foreign street names, it is possible to identify some of them by knowing the international brand names for Vicodin. Some of the international names for Vicodin are:

  • Italy – idrocodone
  • The World Health organization – Dihydrocodeinone
  • Columbia – Dovir
  • Canada – Hycodan
  • Switzerland – Hydrocodon Streuli
  • Columbia – Sinalgen
  • Guatemala – Kodone

The word for hydrocodone is also different in many countries. In Latin it is Hydrocodonum, in German it is Hydrocondon, and in Spanish it is Hydrocodona. These are slight variations of the original word but can lead to different international street names depending on the original language.

On top of the international names, there are several informal synonyms of Vicodin and hydrocodone. These are:

  • Calmodid,
  • Dihydrokodeinonbitartrat,
  • Curadol,
  • Duodin,
  • Orthoxycol,
  • Kolikodal, and
  • Procodal.

A variety of countries use informal synonyms. These do not follow the International Nonproprietary Names (INN). The INN is an international naming convention that uses active substances and ingredients to create names for drugs.

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Recognizing New Street Names

As with most illicit substances, users are creating new street names for Vicodin every day. It is difficult to keep up with all of the street names in use in any given area. The best way to identify a new street name for Vicodin is to be familiar with the product name, manufacturer, and the current street names. Usually new street names are a variation of one of these things. By knowing the street names for Vicodin, generic Vicodin, its cousins, and the international names, you should be able to identify any of the slang related to this drug.

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