Methadone Street Names

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Methadone is a synthetic opiate that is prescribed to treat pain but may also be prescribed to opiate addicts to help curb cravings and prevent symptoms of withdrawal from occurring in early recovery. Unfortunately, methadone isn’t always taken as prescribed, and users on the streets will often abuse the drug to produce euphoric effects similar to other opiates such as heroin or morphine. Many methadone street names are used to discuss the drug between users in an effort to prevent unwanted ears from recognizing that the conversation taking place is actually illicit in nature.

DEA Justified Methadone Street Names

methadone names

Methadone, an opiate addiction treatment medication, is a drug of abuse when it gets in the wrong hands.

According to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, the following street names and lingo are most often used to describe methadone:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Fizzies
  • Maria
  • Salvia
  • Wafers

“Wafers” or “Biscuits” are two commonly used terms that describe the very large pills that methadone often comes in. The pills are water soluble and are generally dissolved into juice or water before consumed. These pills are about the size of a quarter and are generally orange or pinkish orange or brownish in color.

Additional street names that may be used to talk about methadone include:

  • Jungle Juice
  • Juice
  • Green Machine
  • Amidone
  • Methadose
  • Dose
  • Done
  • Dolls

Street Names for Methadone Use

Slang is often used on the streets to describe the act of using methadone or getting high on the drug. Some of the street names that methadone users will throw into a conversation would almost never be recognized by an outsider as that associated with drug use. These include:

  • Author – the term used to describe a doctor who will openly write prescriptions for methadone and other drugs without medical necessity backing his decision
  • Miss – the term often used to describe the act of missing the vein when using intravenous or injectable drugs
  • Piggybacking – the term used to describe the injectable use of more than one drug such as heroin and cocaine
  • Parachute – the term used to describe taking a drug such as methadone that has been crushed and then rolled into toilet paper to be swallowed

Regardless of the street names and lingo being used, it’s important to be educated and informed so that you can recognize when an illicit or potentially illicit conversation is taking place around you. Children and teens often talk about drugs right in front of their parents by using street names and lingo—don’t you want to know what others are talking about around you?

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