Actiq Lollipops Causing Major Concern with Child Overdose

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Actiq is a brand name medication containing fentanyl, one of the strongest, most intensive opioid drugs used to treat pain. Though this medication is meant only to treat those with breakthrough cancer pain who already have a treatment solution for their around-the-clock pain, Actiq is a unique type of medicine, and there is a major concern for the possibility of child overdose with this particular drug.

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Actiq’s Delivery and Danger to Children

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Actiq is an “oral transmucosal lozenge,” which is also referred to as a lollipop. The lozenge is found on a handle, and the user is meant to suck on the product in order to receive its effects. As stated by the National Library of Medicine,

Actiq Lollipops

Accidental Actiq consumption is a big concern due to its candy-like appearance.

  • A user should not eat or drink while sucking on the lozenge.
  • They must not bite or chew the lozenge.
  • They must twirl the handle often and move it from side to side in the mouth while sucking on it.
  • They should finish the lozenge in about 15 minutes.

An adult can easily follow these instructions and can utilize Actiq as it is meant to be taken. However, because the medication looks very similar to candy––with its sucker and handle––children could easily mistake it for this, which could be extremely dangerous.

As stated by the Daily Med, there is enough medicine in the product that, if consumed by a child, it could be fatal. This is why there is a great deal of concern around Actiq and the results it could cause if accidentally ingested by a child.

What Has Been Done to Avoid This Possibility?

There are a number of safeguards put into place in order to avoid the possibility of a child getting ahold of or ingesting Actiq.

  • The medication is sealed in child-resistant blister packages. When an individual is ready to use the medication, they must use scissors in order to open the package. This helps minimize the chances that a child could open the product.
  • Users are specifically instructed not to open their medication until they are ready to use it. This also safeguards against the possibility of an easily accessible Actiq lollipop where children are involved.
  • Users are also instructed to dispose of the medication safely.
    • If they have not finished the lollipop, they are instructed to run it under warm water until the lozenge fully dissolves. Then, they are meant to throw away the handle in a trashcan that is out of reach of children.
    • If they have finished the entire lozenge, it is important to still throw the handle away in a trashcan that is out of reach of children.

Actiq Dependence Symptoms & When It’s Time for Treatment

Still, there is always a possibility that a child could get ahold of the drug and overdose since the amount of fentanyl in Actiq could potentially be fatal to children under the age of 16.

Avoid Actiq Overdose and Abuse

It is essential to always be extremely careful with a drug as dangerous as Actiq. If you or your loved ones need help for fentanyl addiction, call 800-442-6158 Who Answers? today.

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