How Much Does Opiate Rehab Cost?

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in America, 600 billion dollars is spent every year on substance abuse. Drug addiction treatment helps to reduce these costs. Drug addiction treatment is far less expensive than its alternative options, the top of which being jail time. The average cost for one full year of methadone maintenance treatment is approximately 4,700 dollars per patient, whereas the annual cost for an incarcerated person is around 24,000 dollars.

Although opiate rehab may seem as though it is too expensive for some people, the amount of health problems and criminal acts that opiate abuse causes make many insurance companies and many rehab facilities work with people on payment so that they can get help. There are residential opiate rehabs that only charge a person several hundred dollars for long term treatment, and on the contrary, there are rehab programs that charge people tens of thousands of dollars for long term residential treatment. There is not a specific price tied to rehab because there are numerous options that are available to people who need help.

Low Cost Rehab

rehab cost

Rehab costs vary a lot. There are free programs as well as luxury programs available.

A person who does not have extra money to spend on an opiate rehab program should not dismiss the idea of rehab. Rehab is proven to help people overcome their addictions and detoxing from opiates can be a very difficult task for a person to accomplish on their own without treatment.

There are rehabs that offer their services for free and these free rehabs are located all throughout the country. A person can find free rehabs by visiting sites like Free rehab programs will not be as fancy as expensive rehab programs but they will provide a person with the resources and education that they need to come clean from opiates.

Another option that a person can benefit from is sliding scale rehabs. Sliding scale rehabs will only charge a person the amount of money that they can afford based on their income and their bills. Many rehabs will offer this option to people so that they can get treatment for their addiction and so that they can have a safe and healthy detox.

Although the price of opiate rehab may fluctuate significantly, if a person puts in the research they should be able to find a rehab that meets their needs and one that they can afford so that they can live their life free from drug addiction.

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