Who Needs Help With Opiate Addiction?

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Consequences of Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction negatively impacts a person in various ways. First there is the physical aspect of opiate addiction. Long term opiate abuse can lead to permanent organ damage and every time a person abuses opiates they risk the chance of overdosing on the drug. Most people who abuse opiates are unsure of the proper doses to take, which leads to people overdosing on the drugs. If a person overdoses on an opiate drug they could end up in a coma or the overdose can cause heart attack or respiratory failure.

Another consequence of opiate addiction is the psychological problems that occur from the disease. When a person is addicted to opiates they will have uncontrollable drug cravings that will consume their thought processes. A person who is addicted to an opiate will seek out and use the drug no matter if they are causing harm to loved ones or harm to themselves. Many people will lose their jobs, their money, and their loved ones because of their opiate addiction.

Another consequence of opiate addiction is opiate dependency. When a person becomes dependent on opiates they will go through withdrawal symptoms every time the drug is not in their system.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a person addicted to opiates who suddenly stops using opiates will begin to go through opiate withdrawal. Opiate withdrawal consists of a group of symptoms that cause intense psychological and physical distress. A person will typically begin to experience opiate withdrawal symptoms within six to twelve hours of their last use.

Who Needs Help With Opiate Addiction?

opiate addiction help

Individuals who wrongly use opiates or are dependent on them may need help.

Any person who is compulsively using or thinking about using opiates, or any person who has developed a dependency to opiates should get help for their addiction. Opiate addiction is an illness that needs proper treatment in order for a person to be cured.

Opiate withdrawal symptoms can be painful and are sometimes dangerous for people to go through without medical attention. Most people need help to get through the withdrawals of opiates and to stop using the drugs all together.

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, although opiate withdrawal is not typically a medical emergency, in certain groups of people it can be life threatening. People with heart problems, children and the elderly may not be strong enough to go through opiate withdrawal because the withdrawal symptoms can cause cardiovascular instability.  

An opiate addiction treatment program will help a person get through the withdrawals from opiates and will provide a person with the medical and mental resources they need to get clean.

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