Treatment Options for Hydrocodone Addiction

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As the most frequently prescribed opiate drug on the market, hydrocodone offers fast and effective relief for pain-related conditions of most any kind. Unfortunately, the same mechanisms that make for an effective pain-reliever also place users at considerable risk of hydrocodone addiction.

If you’re considering treatment options for hydrocodone addiction, it helps to understand how the various treatment options address different stages of the addiction cycle. In effect, the option that works best for you will be the one best able to address your current treatment needs.

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Treatment Options for Hydrocodone Addiction


Hydrocodone Addiction

Addiction treatment will help end your dependency on hydrocodone.

Anyone who’s abused hydrocodone for extended periods of time will require some form of detoxification as the first stage of treatment, according to Harvard Health Publications. Detoxification treatment options for hydrocodone addiction vary according to setting and intensity level, with inpatient and outpatient treatment being the primary options.

If you’ve developed a chronic medical or psychological disorder as a result of drug abuse, inpatient treatment programs can address these conditions during the course of addiction treatment. Outpatient programs work best for people who’ve still managed to maintain some degree of control over their drug use, such as people who are working or taking care of a family.


Residential treatment options require you to live at the facility for the duration of treatment and run anywhere from 30 to 90 days in length. These programs are designed to help a person disengage from the addiction lifestyle and develop habits and routines that support a drug-free lifestyle. Treatment interventions commonly offered include:

  • Daily psychotherapy sessions
  • Group therapy
  • Support group work
  • Drug education and counseling

Someone who’s lived with hydrocodone addiction for months or years at at a time will require residential care after completing a detox program.

Outpatient Treatment

Much like the person who can benefit from outpatient detoxification treatment, once he or she completes the detox stage, ongoing outpatient treatment may be enough for someone who can still hold down a job and run a household. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, outpatient programs provide the level of support needed in cases where hydrocodone addiction hasn’t yet taken over a person’s daily life.

In effect, outpatient programs offer the same types of services as residential treatment, except patients live at home instead of at the facility.

Hydrocodone Withdrawal, Overdose, and Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment Options

People coming off months or years of severe hydrocodone addiction often require a more intensive level of treatment due to the long-term effects of the drug on brain functioning. Medication-assisted treatment options for hydrocodone addiction include medication therapies, such as methadone and buprenorphine which work to restore normal brain functioning.

Medication-assisted treatment options can be offered by detox, inpatient and outpatient programs.


More than anything else, your treatment needs will determine which treatment options for hydrocodone addiction will offer the best chance of a successful recovery outcome. If you need help finding a program that can address your treatment needs, please don’t hesitate to call our toll-free helpline at 800-442-6158 Who Answers? to speak with one of our addiction counselors.

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