Is It Safe to Take Morphine as a Treatment for Diarrhea?

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Under certain circumstances, morphine is sometimes used as a treatment for diarrhea. However, there are other treatment options for this type of issue that are safer and less addictive, which is why it isn’t normally used for this purpose. Call 800-442-6158 Who Answers? now if you are struggling with a morphine addiction and need to find safe, affordable treatment in a rehab center.

Morphine as a Treatment Medication

According to the National Library of Medicine, “Morphine is used to relieve moderate to severe pain.” This is the drug’s most common and acceptable usage, but because the medication itself can cause severe issues it must be taken extremely carefully.

Safe to Take Morphine

Consider natural, safer ways to treat diarrhea before resorting to morphine.

  • Users and doctors must be very strict with taking and prescribing morphine. The medication should only be taken in doctor-recommended doses and, ideally, for a short period of time.
  • If the medication is taken frequently and consistently over a prolonged period of time, users can become dependent on it very quickly. This complicates the situation because
    • The patient will need to be weaned off the drug slowly to prevent any withdrawal symptoms.
    • The patient may be more likely to begin abusing the drug because of their dependence on it.
  • Morphine is a particularly potent opioid, which makes it more likely to cause potential issues like dependence, tolerance, and possibly abuse.

Still, some individuals are treated with morphine for issues of chronic diarrhea. Because the drug is an opioid, it causes certain processes in the body to slow down, and one of the organs affected is the intestine. This can minimize one’s issues with diarrhea, but since the drug can cause so many dangerous side effects and because it has such a high potential for abuse, most individuals are not prescribed it to treat this mild issue.

Other Options to Treat Diarrhea Besides Morphine

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is important to try and determine the cause of one’s diarrhea in order to treat it. Diarrhea caused by an infection can often be treated with antibiotics while diarrhea not caused by an infection can sometimes require surgery and other options. You can also

  • Make an effort to remain hydrated in order to avoid dehydration.
  • Keep a well-balanced diet that will minimize the symptoms of diarrhea.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can quickly lead users to dehydration.

Is Codeine Stronger Than Morphine?

Morphine is usually only a solution for chronic diarrhea if an individual has no other options. Because the drug is so dangerous and can so easily cause dependence, tolerance, and in many cases, misuse, it is usually best to explore other options for treating diarrhea before ever turning to the use of morphine.

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