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How Will Trump Change the Way Opiate Addiction Is Treated?

Trump has his own objectives for approaching the country's current opiate addiction epidemic.


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My Son Was Addicted

I didn’t know how to help my son, who had been in and out of hospitals for years and using various narcotics to the point of addiction. Finally, I spoke to a treatment advisor, and we found a rehab program that helped him put a stop to his drug abuse. Now, my son is getting better every day. – Laura

Treatment Saved My Life

I had been using drugs for years and had pretty much given up on getting better. My life basically revolved around my substance abuse. One day, I overdosed and wound up in the hospital. After that, I knew if I kept going down this road, I wouldn’t survive. I called to speak to one of the treatment experts at and found a rehab center that helped me make a change. I’m alive today because of the help they gave me. - Jake

I Found Treatment That Fit My Needs

I didn’t think I would be able to find a rehab center I could afford, let alone one that would provide me with the kind of care I needed. But when I called the helpline, I was able to talk to someone who understood my situation. And in almost no time, I was matched with a professional treatment program that took my needs into account and offered the treatment options I required. Also, the facility accepted my insurance, and my costs were nowhere near what I thought they’d be. - Melanie

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Begin Your Recovery from Opiate Addiction with Professional Detox

Withdrawal from opiates can be severely painful, which is why you should start out your recovery as safely and comfortably as possible: in a professional detox program.

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