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Questions to Answer Before Looking for the Top Opiate Rehab

Have I tried opiate rehab before and failed or relapsed?

If you have been through opiate rehab and were not successful, you should look at choosing a different treatment program than the one you previously used, and look into different treatment options, such as a different type of therapy or environment. There are numerous opiate rehab programs available to help you with your addiction and just because one did not work for you does not mean that they all will not. You are unique and therefore you should try a different rehab that is more suited to your needs.

How much money can I afford to spend on rehab?

rehab program

The best rehab program depends on your own personal attributes.

Although seeking help for your addiction is a top priority you should aim to attend a rehab that you can afford. If you cannot afford a rehab you can look up free rehabs in your area at sites such as,, or look for rehabs that offer a sliding scale so that you will only pay what you can afford based on your current income. Moreover, if you have health insurance, you can check with your provider to see if they cover any opiate rehab expenses.

What type of environment do I want to spend my detox in?

If you are a social person then you should go to a rehab that takes in large numbers of people and incorporates support group sessions into their therapies. Adversely, if you are a shy person, you may want to find a rehab that focuses more on individualized therapy and that only allows a small amount of people in the rehab for treatment at one time.

You should also consider factors like religion and spirituality. If you are a religious person you may do best in a rehab that is religious based, or if you are spiritual or if you enjoy being surrounded by nature then you should find a rehab that meet those needs.

There are also rehabs that use animals as therapeutic resources, such as equine therapy that uses horses to help a person overcome their addictions.

Do I want a change of scenery?

Some people do better at recovery when they know they are in a new town surrounded by people who do not know them. You should consider this possibility and decide if you would like to go to a rehab that is far away from your hometown or if you would like to stay close. Staying close to family and friends may be of the utmost importance to you and therefore you may choose to stay local.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, friends and family can be extremely helpful in providing needed support of their loved one suffering from an opiate addiction. With their support and proper psychiatric treatment, many people with opiate addictions are able to begin their path to recovery.

The top opiate rehab option will be the option that best meets your needs and can provide you with the care, education, and resources to help you live a life free from opiates.

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