Which Heroin Addiction Treatment is Best For You?

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Heroin addiction affects thousands of people nationwide, but only few end up seeking treatment. This is because many addicts fear that quitting heroin is too painful and difficult, or lack healthy behaviors that motivate them to get clean and achieve sobriety. Fortunately, there are many different heroin addiction treatments available that can help you or your loved one successfully achieve lifelong sobriety.

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Here are common heroin addiction treatments offered by most inpatient and outpatient drug detox and drug rehab centers.


Heroin Addiction Treatment

Medications like methadone alleviate withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Heroin binds to opioid receptors in the brain and eventually triggers physical dependence on the drug — making addiction difficult to overcome without medical intervention. Heroin and opioid addiction is commonly treated using prescription medications that reduce and prevent drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Some medications used to treat heroin addiction even block the effects of heroin and other opioids in the event you relapse and start using again.

Medications used to treat heroin addiction include methadone, naltrexone, and buprenorphine. If you choose not to use these drugs to overcome heroin addiction, you may be prescribed other drugs that relieve one or more withdrawal symptoms. For instance, you might be prescribed a sleep aid to combat insomnia during the detox stage of addiction treatment.

Behavioral Therapies

Heroin addiction treatment often involves one or more behavioral therapies that help you overcome the psychological aspects of addiction. Even after overcoming physical dependency on heroin during detox, you may still have tendencies and behaviors that stem from underlying mental causes.

Most heroin rehab centers combine medications with behavioral therapies for the best treatment outcome. These therapies may include counseling, support groups, and therapies that integrate recreational activities with addiction treatment. You can even be treated for co-occurring mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder, or go to exercise and art therapy classes to relieve stress and other emotions driving heroin use.

Pros of Choosing Buprenorphine Over Methadone for Heroin Addiction Treatment

Choosing the Right Heroin Addiction Treatment

Opiate rehab centers offer a number of addiction treatments that can be tailored to you or your loved one based on addiction type and other health considerations. You also have the option of choosing an addiction treatment based on your personal preferences. For instance, if you prefer holistic treatments over those that use medications, you can choose an addiction treatment that combines natural detox and massage with nutrition therapy.

Most opiate rehab centers can also recommend heroin addiction treatments after performing an assessment at the time of intake. This helps when you’re not sure which treatment is right for you based on your individual needs and preferences.

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