4 Myths about Heroin Addiction That Every Addict Should Know

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If you or a loved one are struggling with a heroin addiction, you may have heard some rumors or myths that are not entirely true. If you unknowingly start believing in incorrect facts, then this could hinder or halt your recovery process. It is important that you know the truth in order to make the best decisions for your health and future!

MYTH: Recovery from Heroin Addiction is Nearly Impossible

Many people view recovery from heroin addiction as a hopeless case, but it doesn’t have to be this way! As with any addiction, you will face struggles and cravings along your recovery journey, but this does not make it impossible by any means.

In fact, NIDA states that there are varieties of treatments that are effective in treating heroin addiction, both pharmacological and behavioral.

An integration of these two approaches is even more effective than just one on their own, so the good news is that many treatment options are available to help aid in your recovery! Don’t believe the myth that recovery is rare, because with the right approach and motivation, you will be able to find a healthy lifestyle once again.

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MYTH: Just Trying Heroin Once Won’t Harm You

Myths about Heroin

Heroin addiction recovery is difficult, but it is possible with the right treatment.

Many individuals, particularly young adults, may feel the urge to try heroin just once to see what it feels like. They might think that if they just try it once, they won’t get addicted and therefore it can’t harm them. While it usually does take repeated doses to build a tolerance that leads to addiction, there are still many other health risks apart from addiction to take into account.

A first-time user will be unaware of how much they can take without risking an overdose, so this danger is always a very real possibility. It is also important to realize that once you make an excuse for the first time, you could find yourself making excuses for the second, and then the third, and that’s how an addiction can begin.

MYTH: By Using Methadone Treatment, the Addict is Just Swapping Addictions

Methadone treatment has been used for years as a highly effective way to treat heroin addiction. According to NCBI, however, many wrongly speculate that this is simply swapping out one addiction for the other.

This is not a true statement, however, as Methadone affects the user in a much safer way than heroin, and a user will not experience the same craving and withdrawal problems that they do with heroin.

MYTH: The Only Way to Get Addicted is Through Injection

Although taking heroin through other methods may not provide you with the rush as quickly as injecting, the drug still reaches and affects your brain. Due to this, it is still possible to develop an addiction through other means of taking heroin.

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When Heroin Abuse Turns into Heroin Addiction & the Need for Treatment

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