How to Help Your Spouse through Recovery from a Heroin Addiction

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Watching a loved one struggle with a drug addiction can be extremely devastating and difficult, and once they have found a path to recovery you want to make sure that they remain on this path and heal fully. If it is your spouse that is struggling with a heroin addiction, how can you contribute and help them in their recovery?

Help Them Find a Support Group

If you have never been through an addiction, you may not know exactly what they are going through. While your words and encouragement will make a tremendous difference, it is also extremely beneficial for your spouse to get involved in a support group of individuals who have gone through a similar experience.

According to NCBI, group sessions can help your loved find positive peer support to stay away from the substance they have been abusing. This group can provide him or her with an accountability that you may not feel comfortable enforcing yourself.

It can also greatly benefit your spouse to see others who have gone through a similar journey and have success stories to share with the group. Just being able to witness another person’s recovery can make a huge difference in the motivation and will of an addict to recover. For help and guidance on how to take this next step, just call 800-442-6158 Who Answers? to speak with a specialist.

Remind Them of Their Goals

Recovery from a Heroin Addiction

Encouraging your spouse can help keep them on track.

When they are struggling with their recovery, gently remind them of why they chose this path in the first place. Whether it was to find a healthier lifestyle or fix their close relationships, you can put that motivation back into their mind.

There will be times where your spouse doesn’t feel the drive to continue with this difficult process, but according to NIDA, you should just remind them of how much courage it takes to recover and that you believe they can do it. Your faith in them and your encouragement can help keep your spouse on the right track towards recovery.

It May Require Some Tough Love

While it is important that you are there for your spouse in their time of need, you also have to take care not to let codependency occur. Codependency becomes an issue when you allow the addiction to control not only their life, but yours as well.

If you find yourself catering to their needs and letting your life revolve around their addiction, then you may have a situation of codependency.

In order for your spouse to want to recover, you have to show them how their addiction is affecting their life. Not only their life, but yours as well. You can love them and encourage them, but also let the see the negative consequences of their addiction and how it hinders daily life. Don’t cater to the addiction and let them remain blind to the consequences.

If your spouse is struggling with an addiction and looking towards recovery, just call 800-442-6158 Who Answers? to speak with a specialist about any questions or concerns you may have.

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