Tips for Safely Navigating Methadone Maintenance Treatment

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Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) is one of the most popular and effective rehab programs available for individuals going through opioid addiction recovery. Call 800-442-6158 Who Answers? now if you would like to learn more about MMT or find a treatment program that can help you put an end to your substance abuse.

What Is MMT?

According to the National Institute of Justice, MMT is “a medication-assisted treatment for individuals with opioid dependence.” Patients take methadone doses daily in order to curb their cravings and treat their withdrawal symptoms, but other treatment options are involved in the program as well, such as behavioral therapy and medical services. MMT has been utilized as an opioid addiction treatment program since the 1960s and is extremely popular for the treatment of those with severe dependencies.

How Can I Safely Navigate MMT?

MMT, though effective, can be difficult to adjust to at first, and most patients are encouraged to stay in the program for at least a year before considering being weaned off the drug. Here are some tips on how to make sure your MMT program is safe and effective for your needs.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Taking methadone exactly as prescribed will help you recover and stay safe.

  • Meet with your methadone doctor before you begin treatment, and if possible, visit the clinic. Feeling comfortable in the facility and with your treatment staff will go a long way toward making sure you are able to recover safely within the program.
  • Especially if you choose an outpatient rehab center, make sure the program offers other treatment options besides methadone itself. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, outpatient programs are sometimes less likely to offer more treatment options.
  • Tell your doctor if you experience any severe side effects, side effects that don’t go away, or other strange occurrences while taking methadone. It could be a sign that your medication dosage is either too high or too low and that it needs to be adjusted.
  • Don’t drive while on methadone until your dosage is stable and until you know how it will affect you. In most cases, patients on MMT can drive while on their medication, but it is important to be safe rather than sorry, especially early on in treatment.
  • Make sure to take your methadone medication EXACTLY AS PRESCRIBED. Your doctor may decide, after you have been coming to the clinic for a while, that you are ready to begin taking your medication home, and if you do begin to do this, it is important to never take more methadone than you are prescribed to take.
  • Stay on methadone as long as you need to in order to safely recover. Some people stay on it for longer than a year while some plan to stay on it indefinitely. It is important to make the decision that is best for you with the help of your doctor.

Methadone maintenance is a highly effective treatment program that may suit your needs for recovery, but it is very important to consult with a doctor before choosing this option.

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