Am I Addicted to Buprenorphine (And How Do I Seek Help)?

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If you have been misusing your buprenorphine medication, there is a potential that you have become addicted to the drug. Call 800-442-6158 Who Answers? now to find safe, effective rehab programs where you can recover from your opioid addiction and start your life anew.

Am I a Buprenorphine Addict?

Buprenorphine and the popular brand name drug Suboxone, which contains buprenorphine and naloxone, have many safeguards put into place to ensure that users will not begin abusing these drugs or become addicted to them (Drug Enforcement Administration). Unfortunately, though, abuse and addiction still occurs even with buprenorphine-based medications. Ask yourself the questions below to find out if you may be addicted to this opioid drug.

Addicted to Buprenorphine

Experiencing serious health consequences due to buprenorphine abuse is a sign of addiction.

  • Are you taking your buprenorphine medication in larger doses than prescribed?
    • More often than prescribed?
    • In a different way than prescribed?
  • Have you been abusing buprenorphine in addition to other drugs including alcohol and/or heroin?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized because of your buprenorphine misuse?
  • Have you ever overdosed on the drug?
  • Do you try to hide the amount of the drug you are taking from your friends and loved ones?
  • Are you worried you will run out of the drug before you are able to obtain more?
  • Have you participated in illegal or dangerous activities in order to gain more of the drug such as doctorshopping or buying it on the street?
  • Do you neglect the other areas of your life in order to abuse buprenorphine?
  • Is your substance abuse beginning to cause serious physical or psychological side effects in your life?
    • If yes, are you still refusing to see a doctor about them because you do not want to be taken off the drug?
  • Have you experienced serious problems in your life as a result of your buprenorphine abuse, including
    • Work or school problems?
    • Relationship problems?
    • Legal or financial problems?
  • In spite of all these issues, do you believe you will not be able to stop abusing the drug without help?

If you answered yes to more than one of the questions above, you are probably already addicted. Buprenorphine can become addictive and dangerous if abused, just like other opioids, and you will need treatment if this issue occurs in your life.

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What Should I Do?

You will need to seek professional help, which may seem like an undesirable option, seeing as you probably starting taking buprenorphine as a treatment option for your opioid addiction. However, buprenorphine is also a less intensive medication for opioid addiction treatment than some other options.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, methadone is actually more effective for those with severe dependencies, which you likely have if you began abusing your buprenorphine medication. The most important action now is to seek the help you need in order to put an end to your substance abuse.

Where Can I Find a Treatment Program for Opioid Addiction?

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