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Opiate addiction continues to be one of the fastest growing public health crises in the state of Delaware. With over 1,000 individuals being admitted into Delaware opiate addiction treatment facilities in the last year, the state has recently taken substantial measures against those who may be distributing these dangerous narcotics illegally.

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  • One should seek treatment for opioid addiction as soon as possible. It is important to NEVER attempt to go through detox on one’s own.
  • Medications used as maintenance drugs are not a form of replacing one addiction with another, as stated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Those who take maintenance drugs for opioid addiction can live their lives without experiencing the high normally caused by opioid abuse.
  • Addiction can occur in some individuals but not in others because of the amount of risk factors a person has when they begin abusing opioid drugs.
  • Any form of prescription opioid abuse––including using more of the drug than you were prescribed, using it more often than prescribed, or taking it in a different way than prescribed––can lead to addiction.


  • Among prescription drug deaths in the state, the Delaware Health Statistics Center cites opioids and CNS depressants as the most commonly listed substances.
  • The number of opioid pain reliever-induced overdose deaths in the state almost tripled between the years of 1999 (50) and 2010 (144). At the time of the study, these deaths were second in number only to prescription drug overdose deaths in general.
  • In 2012, 2,460 people in the state of Delaware were receiving methadone, according to a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. In 2013, the number dropped slightly to 2,420.
  • However, the number of opioid-related overdose deaths in the state continued to rise from 171 in 2013 to 204 in 2014 (
  • According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, “Heroin and diverted prescription opioids” are currently considered the biggest substance abuse threats in the state.


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