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Prescription drug abuse and heroin are two growing problems in Mississippi. Opiate rehab in Mississippi can help but the user must want recovery and must work for their recovery in order to achieve long-standing sobriety. Unfortunately, thousands of residents in Mississippi find themselves suffering greatly from the perils of opiate addiction and feel like they have nowhere to turn for help.

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  • According to Harvard Medical School, “For some addicts, the beginning of treatment is detoxification –– controlled and medically supervised withdrawal from the drug.” However, this is only one part of an overall addiction treatment regimen and should not be the only option an individual seeks for recovery.
  • Opioid addicts have ample choices for medications when it comes to their rehab treatment. Though methadone is perhaps the most popular option, buprenorphine, a newer medication has been found to be very effective for opioid addiction treatment. Some individuals, especially those who are very dedicated to ending their opioid abuse, even prefer naltrexone.
  • Most opioid addicts will experience a relapse or another negative result at some point in their recoveries. When this occurs, treatment options may need to be re-explored, but the individual should never believe their recovery has failed.
  • Some treatment programs only last 30 days, but it is important for an individual to stay in treatment for at least 90 days, if not longer. If this is the case, the program can be followed up with aftercare.



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