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Opiate abuse is a continued problem in Minnesota with prescription drug use and heroin addiction cases on the rise. A report by the DEA suggests that Minnesota is not out of the thresholds when it comes to opiate addiction. In fact, prescription opiates such as methadone, codeine, hydrocodone and Oxycontin continue to be widely abused throughout the state with many residents resorting to activities such as doctor shopping, purchasing prescriptions illegally online and otherwise taking part in illegal activities to get the drugs that they feel like they need to sustain their high or at least fend off withdrawal symptoms for a couple more hours.

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  • Opioid addiction often requires treatment in an inpatient center. According to a study from the Psychiatric Quarterly, this can be an especially beneficial option for those with a high psychiatric severity and/or the lack of a strong support system at home.
  • Outpatient care can also be a beneficial choice for a recovering opioid addict, but it is important to make sure the treatment you’re choosing will fit your needs, as some outpatient programs offer very little in the way of care.
  • Opioid withdrawal, though not usually life threatening, can be dangerous if it is not treated properly. Depression and suicidal thoughts, dehydration, and relapse can all occur during an individual’s withdrawal syndrome.
  • Family members, spouses, and friends can often attend counseling with the addicted individual as a part of treatment in order to learn how to help their loved one navigate their recovery and also how to avoid behavior that enables substance abuse.
  • Because of the high availability of opioid drugs, even those who finish their treatment programs will often need help from their loved ones in order to avoid relapse.


  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdose deaths involving opioids increased 15.8 percent in Minnesota between 2014 and 2015.
  • As stated by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the state “had the 10th lowest rate of youth drug overdose death rates” in the nation. However, overdose rates among young people in the state have “more than tripled since 1999.”
  • According to the Minnesota Judicial Branch, more than 3,301 grams of prescription painkillers were sold per 10,000 people in some parts of Minnesota, specifically in the northeast region.
  • In 2010, drug overdose deaths in the state surpassed traffic deaths and continued to do so at a higher rate in 2011 (528 and 408) and in 2013 (507 and 374).


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