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In Utah, the growing problem with opiates tends to steer towards the use of prescription medications which are obtained illegally either through phony prescriptions, doctor shopping or on the streets from others who obtained the prescriptions. Heroin is also a major problem in Utah with both Mexican black tar and brown heroin being widely available to residents who are looking for their next fix. For those who are addicted to opiates in Utah, opiate rehab is available but the treatment process isn’t always easy or forth going.

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  • Many individuals who become addicted to opioids originally get them from family members and friends. This is, unfortunately, just as dangerous as buying illicit drugs.
  • Methadone can potentially be abused and cause the same side effects as other opioids, including euphoria and addiction. As a result, those who receive the drug as a treatment medication must go to a specialized clinic in order to get it (National Institute of Justice).
  • Many people attempt to keep their opioid abuse a secret from their loved ones. This can lead to severe addictions of which no one else in the family is aware.
  • Behavioral therapy is absolutely necessary to opioid addiction treatment, in addition to medication, as it helps people understand why they started abusing drugs in the first place and teaches them better coping skills for the future.


  • The number of opioid overdose deaths in Utah decreased 6.6 percent between 2014 and 2015 from 367 to 357, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sadly, though, this does not mean Utah’s opioid abuse problem is waning.
  • The state’s rate of past year opioid abuse or dependence in 2015 was between 9.4 and 10.3 per 1,000 persons aged 12 years and older (S. Department of Health and Human Services). This is the second highest tier of narcotic abuse and dependence in the country.
  • According to the Utah Department of Health, “In 2014, ten people died as a result of a poisoning every week in Utah; six of which are a direct result of overdosing on prescription opioids.”
  • The state ranked 7th in the country for drug poisoning deaths between the years of 2013 and 2015 (UDH).
  • The number of opioid prescriptions dispensed in Utah has grown exponentially between the years 2002 (1,595,781) and 2015 (2,654,608). In 2015, the rate of prescriptions dispensed per 1,000 population was 888.5 (UDH).


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