West Virginia Opiate Addiction Treatment

The Appalachian state has seen a growing number of opiate overdose related deaths in the past ten years just as much of the rest of the country has seen. Though heroin is limited in the state, prescription opiates such as Oxycontin and Morphine have a more abundant supply which has led to an increase in the number of people who have become addicted to these drugs and who need help.

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  • Insomnia is one of the most problematic symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Though certain medications can be used to treat the issue, there are also a number of over-the-counter, herbal, and home remedies for insomnia that can be helpful as well.
  • Many people often lose their jobs, their homes, and their families to addiction. In treatment, an individual can learn to get their life back together and do more than just quit using drugs.
  • Even though many individuals believe the use of maintenance medications is the same as addiction, these are not the same thing. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the drugs used in maintenance have a gradual onset of action, they do not cause euphoria, crashes, or cravings when dosed correctly, and they actually block the opioid receptors in the brain.
  • Some family members and friends may think they are helping an addict by using with them in order to make sure they don’t take too much. However, this is an act of enabling, and the best solution is to make sure the individual seeks treatment instead.


  • The rate of past year opioid abuse or dependence in West Virginia is between 10.8 and 12.9 and higher than in most other states (S. Department of Health and Human Services).
  • The number of overdose deaths increased in 2015 from the previous year by almost 42 percent. As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this is a statistically significant number and shows the severity of the substance abuse situation in the state.
  • According to the Office of the Senator, “In West Virginia, 28.9 per every 100,000 people suffer prescription drug overdose fatalities.”  The issue is especially problematic in the southern part of the state, where 56.3 out of 100,00 people die from prescription drug overdoses.
  • Unfortunately, the number of heroin-related deaths has also increased in the state as well, from 163 in 2014 to 194 in 2015 (CDC).


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